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We are a top expert in brick and fiber cement roofing, not less. We import high-quality German roof coatings from two principals. As a novelty, we have started co-operation with the leading German brand Tectacryl for roofing manufacturer Rees. The established cooperation with Remmers also continues. Our customers are roofing contractors, professionals from the best. We have the know-how, the ability and the willingness to bring the best solutions to professional coatingers. In addition to coatings, our range also includes protective agents. Ask more, you won’t be dissapointed!

Said by our customer:

“If your product had been available 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have used other products”

other roofing products

It is convenient for the roof to be put on the roof as well. It is always a good idea to carry out the inspection of the bushings, as well as the inspection and repair of the underlay. While the roof is under work, many also install a brush seal to prevent impurities from entering the roof. At the same time, however, ventilation of the roof structure is ensured. Our range of Riwega products includes extensive supplies for these additional services, whether you are a roofer, repairer or service technician.

den jet- water blasters

As with any surface treatment, the importance of underground work can never be stressed enough. For roofing, this means using sufficiently effective scrubbers. A basic garage washer to stay in the garage, it is best for professional use to choose the right machines for the big boys, of course, not forgetting the girls. When you want to do more than just scrub on the scrubber, you should get the games and gadgets that happen. The Danish DenJet washers are already a selection of a large Finnish professional. Each DenJet is equipped to meet the needs of each professional, for all types of professional cleaning applications. The range includes both diesel and electric equipment up to over 3000 bar, or even a submarine. Ask!


We do what we promise and bear our responsibility. Our word can be trusted. We will ensure also our responsibilities and that is why we also included Reliable Partner Program.

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